Government spearheads synchronisation of industrial value chains

By Davison Vandira

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has intensified its drive to crease seamless linkages in the industrial value chain to boost economic performance in line with the National Development Strategy One.

In line with this objective, the ministry has come up with an operational framework to attain enhanced industrial productivity, where exports will outperform imports.

“The success of the National Development Strategy One is the responsibility of the industry. Hence, we synchronise our value chains for maximum output,” Ministry of Industry and Commerce Permanent Secretary, Dr Mavis Sibanda noted.

Industry representative, Mr Daryl Archibald of Dendairy, says the integration of the industrial base will strengthen the country’s resolve towards full industrialisation.

“As part of the industry we are ready to play our pivotal role in the development matrix of Zimbabwe. We are appealing for maximum support from authorities,” he said.

Zimbabwe is targeting an average of five percent per annum in Gross Domestic Product growth in its the economic journey of attaining an upper middle-income society by 2030.

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