Human Resources women executives back NDS 1 on equal economic opportunities

By Stanley James, Business Editor

Zimbabwe’s human resources women executives have pledged to work with government in facilitating equal economic opportunities in line with the National Development Strategy One (NDS 1).

This emerged after human resources women executives from the public and private sector held a meeting on various issues on the impact of the National Development Strategy One on economic equality in key sectors of the economy.

After the meeting, the executives expressed their views in light of human capital development for females in all the economic sectors.

“Embracing the NDS is noble but it is the extent to which the country is adhering to its requirements on equal economic opportunities,” Outgoing IPMZ HR Women chairperson Alice Nyamugama said.

Paidamoyo Sinamai, an HR executive noted: “The need to facilitate increased women participation in the economy becomes idea to facilitate economic development.”

“We expect women to get employed in various areas of the economy in order to transform the economy of Zimbabwe,” said Precious Nyika, another HR executive.   

Resolutions for the meeting reveal the commitment by the human resources women executives in ensuring equal opportunities of employment, gender equality at workplaces and harmonizing labour laws in line with global standards.

The National Development Strategy One spells out gender equality as a key component for economic growth in Zimbabwe. 

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