Small-scale miners urged to embrace the CIP plant in mineral extraction

By Mthokozisi Dube

SMALL-SCALE miners in Zvishavane have been challenged to embrace the modern carbon in pulp (CIP) mineral processing plant, which has a 90 percent mineral extraction value compared to the usual traditional leaching method.    

Small-scale miners have been using the traditional VAT leaching method to extract gold ores, which has a 30 percent mineral recovery.

Despite the method being widely used, the method poses a lot of damage to the environment as it involves the use of mercury.

A young miner, Victor Magidhivani, has scored a first by becoming the first in Zvishavane to set up a CIP plant valued at US$500 000, with an extraction value of more than 90 percent, thus increasing gold recovery.           

“As small-scale miners, we need to enhance the way we do our business. Like other sectors, the mining sector is growing and they are new ways of mining coming into play which are environmentally friendly. It’s high time fellow miners set up the CIP plant if we are to grow in this business.”

At a time the nation is chasing the US$12 billion mining industry by 2023, other miners have also seen the benefits which come with the plant. 

Technological advances are improving the way miners conduct business and the carbon in pulp plant is also eco-friendly and causes less damage to the environment.       

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