How Mine 2021 gold production up 59 percent

By Stanley James

Business Editor

ZIMBABWE’s investment climate continues to improve, with a Bulawayo based firm, How Mine posting a 59 percent growth in gold output last year.

How Mine met its target of 30 000 tonnes of gold in 2021 stood, thanks to the ever-improving investment climate in Zimbabwe.

The mining company has revealed in a statement this Tuesday that its operations in 2021 were positively affected by the obtaining economic climate, which has seen the government providing incentives to various economic sectors including mining.

Among the inventive is an export retention scheme for an incremental portion of gold receipts, which is pegged at 100 percent.

According to the firm, government incentives were the reasons behind increased investments by company stakeholders, which then translated into increased production capacity.

The company also noted that firming global commodity prices for the yellow metal had a positive impact in terms of overall production earnings and volumes.

On the outlook, the gold mining firm is expecting further opportunities depending on the extent to which the second republic continues to forge ahead with economic reforms to boost business confidence in the mining industry.

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