Athletics coaches benefit from level two coaching clinic

By Courage Bushe

FIFTEEN athletics coaches from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana have benefitted from an eight-day International level two coaching clinic, which was concluded this Monday in Bulawayo.

Fifteen participants from across Southern Africa completed an eight-day athletics coaching clinic focusing on long and middle distances, under the mentorship of the Germany based instructor, Karl Günter Lange.

The maiden coaching clinic, which focused on theory application, development of a training programme, biomechanics, physiology and psychology, will go a long way in improving competition and development of athletics in Africa.

“We would like to thank the organisers for such an event because when we go back to our countries we will apply the philosophies we learnt here which is a plus to us. We can say this was an eye-opener for us because it’s a long term project that will see Africa making a name on the international scene,” said beneficiaries.

Germany based instructor, Karl Günter Lange said the goal of the clinic was to ensure that local and regional coaches take a scientific approach in their training methods.

“There is a lot of talent in Africa that needs to be nurtured through Morden ways like this scientific approach, if this approach is to be applied well I think we will see positive results from this region in the coming years,” said Lange.

Meanwhile, 10 local long-distance athletes, who are set to compete at the South Africa Championships next month, are having a two week camp in Bulawayo facilitated by the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe programme.

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