ZINARA to convert tollgates into toll plazas

By Owen Mandovha

IN an effort to plug revenue leakages at the country’s tollgates, the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) has set aside funds to convert tollgates into toll plazas as part of the parastatal’s transformation strategy.

Chief Executive of the state owned entity, Mr Nkosinathi Ncube explained how toll plazas will deter would be unscrupulous motorists from gaining free passage.

“Toll plazas are integrated infrastructure that are non porous and resemble modern trends that do not give room to provide free passage. ZINARA has invested in the toll plazas and our aim is to ensure that all motorists pay for the rehabilitation of the country’s roads. A toll plaza is different from an ordinary tollgate as it has expanded infrastructure with enough barricades to ensure no one evades or avoids the passage. It is also digitalised, such that all vehicles’ number plates are scanned and detected to ascertain if they are exempted from paying fees,” he said.

Mr Ncube also took the opportunity to explain the introduction of a prepayment package that will improve efficiency at the toll plazas.

“The FTP service will cater for motorists who prepay their toll fees and we are engaging banks to link with our system to reduce the waiting time by motorists to pass through our tollgates,” he explained.

ZINARA has played a key role in the rehabilitation and construction of the country’s road network by releasing billions of Zimbabwe dollars to local authorities and is determined to upscale its role to compliment Government’s infrastructure development drive.

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