ZIFA extraordinary Congress blocked by FIFA

By ZBC Reporter

WORLD Football Governing body, FIFA, has blocked the proposed ZIFA extraordinary congress which was scheduled for this Saturday saying it is in violation of ZIFA statutes.

In a statement, FIFA indicated that the ZIFA councillors who convened the meeting did not follow due process as the ZIFA statutes stipulate that the Executive Committee led by Felton Kamambo should be given three months notice to convene the congress.

The ZIFA statutes empower the Executive Committee to convene an Extra Ordinary Congress if one-third of the Members of ZIFA make such a request in writing, specifying the items for the agenda.

It further states that the extra-ordinary congress shall be held within three months of receipt of the request and if it is not convened, the members who requested it may convene the congress themselves.

The statutes also state that as a last resort, the members may request assistance from CAF and FIFA, which the ZIFA members failed to do.

Zimbabwe is already facing a possible ban from FIFA over third party interference in football matters after the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the ZIFA Board on a litany of allegations last November.

FIFA then responded by requesting both parties to give their side of the story and also organised tripartite meetings, which the SRC failed to attend, forcing FIFA to give an ultimatum to reinstate the ZIFA board.

However, as the ultimatum expired on the 3rd of this month, the 7TFA counci called for the extraordinary congress which according to available information was meant to revoke the mandate of the Felton Kamambo led board.

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