New IMF resident representative assumes office in Zim

By Stanley James Business Editor
ZIMBABWE is upbeat of growing its working relations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in line with the Second Republic economic growth targets.
This comes as the  new International Monetary Fund (IMF) resident representative Dr Carlos Caceres assumed office in Zimbabwe this week.
He has already held meetings with regulatory authorities where assurance was granted regarding Zimbabwe’s commitment to working with him.
Despite non-provision of loans to the country by the institution, the latest positive stance on Zimbabwe has seen the business community reaffirming commitment to work with the new resident representative.

“Global recognition from the IMF sends a positive tone on how we are performing, after all it is the assessments and ratings by the IMF that determine the effectiveness of policies to the global community,” noted Jimmy Pscillos, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Banking and Economics Chairperson.

“More work is needed but the fact that the global lender plays a key role makes it necessary to continue engaging them on several issues on the economy and the business,” said Langton Mabhanga, Pan African Chamber of Business Board Member.
In its last article in 2021 after consultative meetings with Zimbabwe, the IMF noted progress on several economic reforms, including an aggressive vaccination programme.
The institution, however, called on responsible authorities to focus on poverty alleviation policies in line with efforts to consolidate economic gains.

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