Govt increases Beira-Harare pipeline capacity

By Tichaona Kurewa

GOVERNMENT has moved in to increase the movement of oil products through the Beira-Harare oil pipeline by installing booster pumps that will increase the pumping capacity of petroleum products.

The development will see the pumping capacity going up to three billion litres per annum from the current 2.19 billion litres.

About 90 percent of the country’s fuel is pumped into the country through the pipeline from Beira in Mozambique to Harare and capacity is set to increase after the installation of more pumps.

 “Currently the pipeline is being upgraded by way of installing some booster pumps, some are being installed in Mozambique, and some will be installed between Feruka (Mutare) and Msasa to achieve three billion litres per annum, moving from 2, 19 billion litres per annum of petroleum products that is currently being achieved,” said the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Soda Zhemu.

Zimbabwe needs about five million litres of petroleum products per day to drive the economy and the demand is expected to surge due to enhanced economic activities in line with the National Development Strategy One.

“Two million litres of blend petrol is used per day in Zimbabwe and three million litres of diesel is used per day in Zimbabwe and there is a total of five million litres of fuel. In a week we are looking at about 35 million litres of fuel for use in Zimbabwe. Also we use about 190 000 litres of jet A1 per day in the country. As the economy recovers, that entails we must prepare for the upward movement in terms of consumption of our petroleum products that is our diesel and petrol together with jet A1,” he added.

Zimbabwe has come up with plans to construct a second oil pipeline from Beira to Harare as the country makes strides to become a regional fuel hub.

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