ZINWA rolls out pre-paid meters

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has rolled out pre-paid meters in Hwange in a move meant to improve revenue collection and water supply.

Rate payers in Hwange will have to pay for water before they use it after ZINWA rolled out prepaid metres.

The development has been met with a sense of relief with most people in favour of a more accurate form of billing as compared to estimates.

“We are happy because estimates were not fair. It is only fair to pay for exactly what we use and not these estimate and we hope this will encourage more payments, which should translate to improved water provision,” said a Hwange resident.

Speaking to ZBC News ZINWA  Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga indicated that ZINWA is upbeat that pre-paid meters will improve revenue collection and conservation of water.

“There have been issues with clients having a lot of debts with ZINWA but having pre-paid water meters means our clients simply buying or paying for the water that they want to use. It is also a means of conserving the resource as clients use the exact water that they want, she said.

The ZINWA pre-paid water meters will be availed to all small towns, growth points and rural service centres across the country.

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