Independent power producers to be connected to the national grid

By Regis Mhako

INDEPENDENT power producers are set to be connected to the national grid as part of efforts to address electricity challenges facing the country.

This was announced by ZESA Holdings during an engagement with consumers in Hurungwe this Thursday.

ZESA Holdings management descended on Hurungwe’s Tengwe area this Thursday to engage consumers on power challenges with the issue of vandalism of electricity infrastructure taking centre stage.

“We don’t have the know-how of these power lines so we blame ZESA employees for theft of power supply infrastructure,” a Tengwe community member said.

Another asked: “Why are you negotiating with defaulters? Just go and cut supply.”

“I believe vandalism and theft involves ZESA employees. There is no way we can know if power is on or off as ordinary citizens,” commented another.

While admitting that they are facing challenges due to vandalism of electricity infrastructure the power utility took the opportunity to announce the imminent introduction of net metering, a system which will allow willing independent power producers to be connected to the national grid.

“Net metering allows those on solar power to connect to national grid and enjoy their generation of power during the day, while we share the surplus with neighbours and they reconnect to the national grid for low tariffs at night when solar power is low,” ZESA spokesperson Dr George Manyaya explained.

Efficient power supply has been cited as a key enabler of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and growth, hence the power utility’s nationwide stakeholder engagement initiative is expected to improve relations with consumers.

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