Haute couture new Zimbabwe fashion trend

Zimbabwean designers are changing the game with a new trend of haute couture trending locally.

Making a fashion statement is part of the ingredients of any successful glitz and glamour occasion and local designers seem to have upped their game as a new wave of haute couture is becoming prominent in the country.

Ishmael Tsakatsa a household name in the fashion industry who has done a number of exclusive custom fitted clothing made of high quality fabrics and high- end fashion designs for a number of local and international socialites says local designers can compete with their regional and international counterparts.

” I think we have it in us and we can design just like other world designers. I have designed for local socialites and international business people like Zari among others. The new fashion trend shows how innovative and talent talented designers are ,” he said.

Other designers among them John Mazhinye also known as Designer JayTee and Ruby Zinyawu – Designer spoke on their vision.

“I have done a lot of design for a number of people and I believe as local designers we can go far. With proper material I strongly believe we can compete at a global stage and that is my goal,” said Mazhinye.

Meanwhile Mazhinye has designed for Zimdancehall star Winky D and outfits worn by internationally acclaimed rhumba icon Koffie Olomide, Roki and the whole team involved in the production of Patati Patata, among others while Ruby dressed the Miss Tourism 2019 beauty queens among other highlights.

Designers say with more investment, talent growth and innovation the Zimbabwe fashion industry can intercept the global stage in the popular Paris, London or New York fashion weeks that showcase the latest trends in haute couture worldwide.

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