New manufacturing plant to be commissioned

By Tichaona Kurewa

THE country’s import substitution and re-industrialisation agenda are gaining momentum with a two million United States dollar plastic manufacturing plant set to be opened by end of this month.

A tour of the new plastic manufacturing plant by government officials and players in the private sector this Tuesday provided a platform to assess the level of industry’s commitment to the re-industrialisation drive.

Vice President of the manufacturing entity, Dr Fungai Murahwa outlined the importance of the plant.

“This is a new entity that has just started and we are creating jobs, as we speak now there are 100 people that have been given jobs, these are 100 people who were out there unemployed. That’s a big contribution towards Vision 2030. We now look at other things that are having a company that is an operation like this, there is going to be a contribution to the fiscus.

“Ultimately we are on track in contributing to that vision. Most of the plastic products you see here was being imported, from South Africa mostly and from China as well but with that now being produced here, it means we no longer have to spend foreign currency importing these products because they are now being made locally. What it therefore means is that when you buy imported products you are exporting labour as well, you are funding someone who is outside this country to have a job, whereas now, we are looking after our people.”

Ministry of Industry and Commerce Permanent Secretary, Dr Mavis Sibanda revealed the impact of the new plant in line with objectives of the National Development Strategy One.

“We have started 2022 with a bang, this factory we visited has just been operating for four days, this is a 2022 project. You have seen the products they are manufacturing, good quality standardised products all in line with NDS1. As a Ministry, we are looking at promoting industrialisation, the creation of new industries, and the resuscitation of ailing industries. This is in line with vision 2030, this is what the President and Dr Mnangagwa want to see industrialisation. Today some people are employed, this is employment creation.”

Zimbabwe is this year targeting to stock over 90 percent of locally manufactured products in local shops.

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