Small-scale miners welcome awareness campaigns

By Mthokozisi Dube

Small scale miners in Mberengwa have welcomed government’s awareness campaigns on safety which have been scaled up during the rainy season.

A key constituent in propelling the nation to the envisaged US$12 billion mining economy by 2023, the small-scale mining sector has been rocked by accidents which have resulted in massive loss of life during the rainy season.                        

However, government has been conducting outreach programmes, which have been credited for the decline in mine related accidents during the current rainy season.

“The Chief Engineer held these tours across the province and us being in the great dyke we had these accidents but this time around every miner is safer than in the past. This is a clear indication that it was a right move, but we believe if we get more of these we can reduce mine related accidents,” Makumba Nyenje, Zimbabwe Miners Federation Midlands chairman said.

Anderson Tsikira, Mberengwa Miners chairman said: “We value safety and we are grateful to government for taking measures to ensure the safety of the miners.”

Government has also urged artisanal miners to evaluate the risk of going underground in light of incessant rains which could lead to flooding in mine shafts.

The small-scale miners have since taken a proactive approach by setting a council meant to encourage safety and protection of the environment dubbed ZIMSHEC.                    

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