Industrialists optimistic of 2022

By Stanely James Business Editor
ZIMBABWE’S industry is back in motion after the annual festive season shutdown, with industrialists optimistic of a further rise in production volumes.
Despite setbacks such as local and external shocks that threatened business viability in 2021, local industry defied the odds by achieving beyond market expectations.
With a survey carried out by the ZBC News showing that companies’ reopened this Monday after the annual festive showdown, industrialists are confident of good prospects.
While the agriculture sector has dominated growth forecast, an rise in capacity utilisation and increased infrastructure projects have also seen industrialists expecting consolidation of such gains during the course of this year.
“The level of productivity during the just ended year created such an atmosphere for good fortunes and we expect the gains to be consolidated,” said Nkosi Nyoni Bakers Inn General Manager.
“It is high time we forge ahead with the positive trajectory and focus on ways to boost confidence ,” said Dr Fungai Murahwa Varun Beverages Vice President
“There are still opportunities for growth but it is how we can focus on adapting to the Covid 19 pandemic so that we can forge ahead in the short to long term,” said Dr Rinos Mautsa Pico Construction Chief Executive Officer.
Treasury has set a five comma five percent overall economic growth for this year, with private sector players also backing current measures to further boost business confidence.
A private sector led economy is also being cited by government as important in ensuring sustainable economic development.

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