Zimbabwe, a destination of choice for major global airlines

By Owen Mandovha

GLOBAL airlines continue to flock to Harare launching direct flights as they seek to reposition themselves from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic with Zimbabwe becoming a destination of choice on the continent.

The last 24 months has witnessed the meltdown of the global aviation industry triggered by lockdowns induced by the Covid-19 pandemic on almost every country on the globe.

Interestingly Zimbabwe has seen global airlines scrambling for its share of the market by launching flights to Harare in what Airports Company of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Tawanda Gusha describes as an endorsement of Zimbabwe’s growing attractiveness as an aviation hub.

“Luftansa is launching its direct flight to Harare this year and Mack Air has already started to fly into Zimbabwe and for the first time Zimbabwe has got a direct flight between Maputo and Harare. This is a milestone that demonstrates what Zimbabwe has become in terms of an attractive destination,” said Tawanda Gusha, Chief Executive Officer, Airports Company of Zimbabwe.

Mr Gusha reminisces 2021 as a year of mixed fortunes due to persistent travel bans globally but recalls the milestones achieved in developing Zimbabwe’s aviation industry.

Despite the various headwinds which sought to scupper Zimbabwe’s progress to attain its targeted National Development Strategy Goals, the resilience demonstrated by the country’s aviation sector is an affirmation that all is well in marching towards Vision 2030.

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