National Sport Associations urged to have functional secretariat

By Lawrence Trusida

ZIMBABWE’s has been called upon to transform its National Sport Associations into full business entities, if the country is to tap into the commercial world.

Zimbabwe has 53 registered National Sport Associations (NSA); however none of them have a fully stocked secretariat with full-time employees.

Most of the associations have a chief executive officer (CEO) or General Secretary and an office administrator, with most functions being done at board level by part timers.

Liberty Maidza a sports consultant believes that situation is not healthy for the industry.

“Associations are run by a part time board yet they should have a fully functioning secretariat that runs the affairs day to day, and does all the functions, how do businesses put their money in an office with one person.”

Sport is a billion dollar industry that is incredibly diverse, encompassing any activity that derives income from sports, including sports rights, fitness, ticketing, betting and advertising to sponsorship or merchandise and the country needs to tap into this market.

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