ZIFA says ready to administer football following FIFA vindication

By ZBC Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) Executive Committee says following the FIFA statement last week, the board is ready to continue executing its mandate to govern football in Zimbabwe till the lapse of its term of office.
In a statement, the ZIFA board said it believes the FIFA decision vindicates the executive committee of any wrongdoing, contrary to allegations by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).
The board therefore reiterates that as was correctly found by FIFA, no evidence was found or advanced by the SRC to substantiate their numerous allegations.
ZIFA reiterated its commitment to ensuring normalcy returns to local football adding it also firmly believes that its reputation which was
unfairly tainted must be restored.
The suspended ZIFA board is demanding that the Sports and Recreation Commission prove their allegations or simply reinstate them.

After a month of fighting, the ZIFA board has called on the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) to prove all the allegations they have levelled upon them or reinstate the board.
The supreme sports board in the country suspended the ZIFA board last month on allegations of misappropriation of public funds and sexual harassment, among other issues.
Th board, however disputes that, challenging the SRC to produce proof.
In a communication released this Tuesday, the board reiterated its innocence.
“To this day, the ZIFA executive committee has been exonerated by several courts in Zimbabwe and most recently by FIFA on these frivolous and malicious allegations from the SRC. The ZIFA executive committee therefore reiterates its commitment for normalcy to return and has no desire for any negative consequences on our football such as banishment of Zimbabwe from football activities but also firmly believes that its reputation which was unfairly tainted by false SRC allegations must be restored,” reads part of the statement by ZIFA.
The board has also gone on further to challenge the SRC, claiming to have a dossier that will prove that the current fight is not football related.
“Further, the board has resolved to now publish a dossier titled the “untold story ZIFA and SRC” where all behind the scenes shenanigans by the SRC and its advisors shall be exposed and evidence with regards to SRC allegations shall be shared to prove the board’s innocence in the absence of the SRC’s own,” added the Zifa board.

It remains to be seen how the situation will pan out.

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