Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill to be re-tabled in Parliament

By Stanley James

Zimbabwe has targeted finalisation of reforms on mining legislation to guarantee sustainability and viability in line with the sector’s US$12 billion economy by 2023.

It is almost two years after the initial Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill was re-tabled as government expressed reservation on some sections.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy is now conducting further consultations with emphasis on the need to bring the issue to finality.

“Indeed, we understand how the need to expedite entire process is concerned, but remember we have some key procedures that have to be followed as well as ensure the sustainability of the entire mining value chain for the benefit of the industry so the consultations are now ongoing,” committee chair, Honourable Edmond Mkratigwa said.

University of Zimbabwe Department of Business Studies Chairperson, Dr Nyasha Kaseke states the finalisation of the Bill will also set the tone for further growth in mining investments.

“The need to increase projects uptake becomes relevant but it is the clarity issue that is also need by the investors so the finalisation can then bring everything to good order,” said Dr Kaseke.

Treasury is expecting the mining sector to grow by 11 percent this year shaking off the negative effects of the Covid-19 which affected global value chains.

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