Zimtrade’s EAGLE Nest program helps to grow exports

By ZBC Reporter

Zimtrade’s Eagle NEST program which nurtures young entrepreneurs is gaining traction in terms of stimulating the country’s exports growth strategy.

Zimtrade’s flagship entrepreneurial programme Eagle Nest which nurtures aspiring young entrepreneurs is becoming a force to reckon with in terms of growing the country’s exports.

Zimtrade’s Operations Director Mr Similo Nkala said more than five   of the programme’s graduates have already ventured into the export market.

 “The Eagle Nest program was launched aimed at nurturing young entrepreneurs to grow their business and inculcate into them business skills that helps them  venture into the export market. So far we have more than five  young entrepreneurs who are now exporting through the program,” he said.

The program is a gruelling pitch of investment ideas and products in front of renowned business practitioners which seeks to polish up upcoming entrepreneurs to compete in the business arena.

The second Eagle Nest season will start in March next year and applications are now open for those interested to participate in the program. Zimtrade’s export promotion programmes are bearing fruit at over 13 percent export growth, the body has managed to surpass the 10% target set in the National Development Strategy 1 policy blueprint.

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