Govt hands over land to Afreximbank

By Business Editor
CONSTRUCTION of a US$100 million Afreximbank regional office and trade centre in Harare is expected to start soon after Government availed land for the project.
Ticker Head: US$100 million Afreximbank regional headquarters, trade centre project takes off in Zimbabwe.
The land which was handed over to Afreximbank this Friday was described by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya as a key milestone that will transform the economic landscape of the nation in terms of business confidence.
“It is coming at an opportune time when we seek to strengthen ties with the bank as our all-weather friend,” said Dr Mangudya.
Local Government and Public Works Minister Honourable July Moyo revealed government’s commitment to ensuring success of the project in the next two years.
“This government stands ready to ensure progress no wonder why we have seen it fit to handover land to the regional bank,”said the Minister.
The plan, design and features of the project also show it will be a seven story building boasting of a five star hotel facility, offices, a shopping mall, and recreation facilities.
Afreximbank has come in to support Zimbabwe during the times of need with the institution extending billions of dollars in loans and grants for economic development.
The Bank was established in Abuja, Nigeria in October, 1993 by African Governments, African private and institutional investors as well as non-African financial institutions and private investors for the purpose of financing, promoting and expanding intra-African and extra-African trade.

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