Businesses seek tax relief measures

By Stanley James

The business community has submitted proposals for the 2022 national budget ahead of the presentation of the financial statement next week with expectations that treasury will consider their suggestions.

With just a week before the presentation of the 2022 national budget, the business community is anticipating slight adjustments on the current economic climate with the need to ease the tax burden being critical to recovery.

According to the submissions by the business community, policy consistency will anchor economic development, while boosting expenditure has also being cited as key to growth in production.

“We are looking for the right systems or platform that can create a sustainable level of economic development taking into account the current gains,” Institute of Sustainability Africa Chief Executive Officer, Rodney Ndamba said.

Secretary-General of Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association, Augustine Tawanda noted: “That the government has spent all the resources doing various consultations means that the money cannot be put into waste by ignoring views from stakeholders.”

Some of the expectations from the business community include the need to tighten spending by government to contain inflation, measures to promote industrial growth and poverty alleviation.

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