ZIFA fights back

By Lawrence Trusida, Sports Editor

The Zimbabwe Football Association has described the suspension of the ZIFA board by the Sport and Recreation Commission as unlawful adding that they will approach the world football governing body, FIFA on the way forward.

The ZIFA board was suspended this Tuesday after being accused of gross incompetence by the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC).

However, the football authorities are not going down with a fight.

Their argument is simple: the suspension is a clear violation of FIFA statutes and the whole process is unlawful as they were not given a chance to respond.

“It is unlawful and uncalled for. SRC does not have the mandate to suspend ZIFA on incompetence because they are not the employer. The counsellors are the employer, then also they are suspending us based in section 30, which gives them the power to do so, but they did not even hear our side of the story. So, how do you suspend someone without hearing their side of the story? Looking at the charges, they all do not hold ground and do not stand,” ZIFA legal advisor Chenaimoyo Gumiro said.

While the general sentiments are that Zimbabwean football is not being run properly, stakeholders agree the suspension of the ZIFA board is not the best move.

“In thinking that we want to build let’s be careful of destroying the foundation that is there. This is not a good move. The SRC was supposed to engage all stakeholders in football and map a way forward, and also engage the counselors who are the appointing authority. Let’s not destroy football because of ZIFA. Football is more than ZIFA. Football is for Zimbabwe and how many Zimbabweans are we disadvantaging with this move?” noted Manica Diamonds founding member, Dr Newton Dhemba,

Farpost Magazine (SA) editor Mthokozisi Dube said: “We don’t learn and we seem to be making same mistakes of the past. We know how this ends. Chad was recently suspended for the same issues and FIFA is clear on how they operate, so, this move was bad and is bad for the country.”

Meanwhile, impeccable sources confirmed to ZBC News that the SRC is contemplating a major U-turn on the ban.

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