Corrupt activities prejudice Zimbabwe’s revenue collections

By Stanley James

THE net is closing in on Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) officers allegedly engaging in corrupt activities with the focus on plugging revenue leakages to boost income inflows into the national economy.

With revenue generation cited in the National Development Strategy One document as key to funding government projects, concern has been raised over alleged loopholes undermining income inflows.

Responding to questions during a ZBC News and Current Affairs programme, ‘Face the Nation’ this Tuesday, ZIMRA Acting Commissioner General, Rameck Masaire revealed some of the measures being put in place to stamp out illicit deals.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity what I can really assure the nation is that we are working with relevant authorities to ensure that corrupt dealings are detected and those found are dealt with heavily,” said Masaire.

In terms of revenue generation, Masaire outlined the roadmap which is meant to ensure efficiency, compliance and transparency.

“There are key tenets to the programme such that it is an issue of what can be done to ensure more tax heads can contribute to economic development.”

ZIMRA has also been directed by the treasury to focus on broadening income generation streams as the government seeks to mobilise more revenue from local resources.

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