Invictus completes oil & gas data recording

By ZBC Reporter

The Muzarabani Oil and Gas Project is on course with the data recording process to determine specific prospects for drilling now complete.   

Australian Stock Exchange Listed Invictus Energy which is spearheading the discovery of oil and gas in the Muzarabani area revealed in a statement this Wednesday that they have completed the data recording process which outlines specific areas for oil and gas drilling processes .

 This comes after the company took delivery of equipment to select exact points with high potential of hosting deposits for oil and gas tests as well as drilling.

 Invictus Managing Director Mr Scot Mcmillan revealed that the completion of the data gathering process is a huge achievement for the company.

He outlined that the process has also provided some insights regarding petroleum potential of the area.

The company owns 80 percent of the Zimbabwean exploration licence, which covers 250,000 acres of land in the Muzarabani area.

According to Invictus, the project contains the largest undrilled structure in onshore Africa, having previously been explored by Mobil Oil.

Government has identified the project as one of the key economic enablers in terms of sustaining growth, mineral earnings, and job creation among other indicators.

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