Zimbabwe & Pakistan to enhance trade relations

By Josephine Mugiyo Diplomatic Correspondent
ZIMBABWE and Pakistan are working on enhancing trade and cooperation beyond the last joint cooperation between the two countries which was signed in 1995.
Zimbabwe and Pakistan believe they are not fully exploiting trade opportunities that exist in the two countries after the signing of a joint cooperation memorandum 25 years ago.
An event which was held in Harare this Monday to celebrate the friendship between the two countries saw Pakistan’s Charge de Affairs, Fariz Hassan lamenting how trade between the two countries is limited to just a few products.
“The commercial relations between the two counties are sub optimised. The trade included from Pakistan rice, tractors and from Zimbabwe it is vegetables and oil. We need to further diversify. We are working together with foreign ministry to fix this,” said Fariz Hasan, Charge de Affairs, Pakistan.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Chief Director for Political Affairs – Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Ambassador Alice Mageza concurred with the Pakistani representative on the need to identify possible areas of interest on the business front.
“You mentioned that trade is not consistent and the last joint corporation was done in 1995. As we start 2023, let’s see where we can work together,” she said.
The Pakistan officials also requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to consider setting up an office in their home country, a move which they believe will enhance cooperation.

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