Hotel room occupancy surges

By Davison Vandira
THE tourism industry is on a recovery path with players in the sector excited about a surge in hotel room occupancy around the country.
A survey by the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe reveals a significant increase in hotel room occupancy countrywide after the opening up of the economy and removal of travel restrictions.
The increase in room occupancy figures has been balanced through a combination of domestic and external sources with expectations high that the trend will continue into the festive season and beyond.
“There has been an increase of room occupancy in hotels and this is encouraging from a Tourism perspective as it speaks to sustainable operations of our players which is a key determinant for the business’ going concern perspective,” said Wengai Nhau, President of the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe.
The recovery of the Tourism industry is being felt in the country’s premier tourist destination Victoria Falls with Tourism Operator, Mr Clemence Mukwasi summing up the significant improvement in the operating environment due to enhanced room occupancy.
“There have been significant strides made in the resumption of normal business in our sector and room occupancy being a key indicator has greatly improved which we also expect to continue improving,” he said.
With key sectors like Tourism finding their footing after the impact of Covid-19, economic observers are confident the country will achieve its economic growth targets.

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