Muzarabani Oil and Gas Project progressing well

By ZBC Reporter

The exploration of oil and gas in Muzarabani is on course with modern equipment now extracting data for drilling the first well.

Ranked in the top 5 of highly prospective oil and gas projects in the world, Invictus Energy has registered tremendous progress in terms of establishing the exact coordinates to drill an exploratory well to identify if there are commercially viable oil and gas deposits.

Modern equipment called vibrators which were imported two months ago are on the ground scanning an area which spans over 2000 square kilometers  extracting seismic data from underground in a major milestone for Zimbabwe to become a major player in the global oil and gas industry.

Already at the last stage of seismic data acquisition over 180 local jobs have been created something which has excited the traditional leadership.

Locals gather every time the gigantic machines get down to work and are in the loop of what is taking place which may ultimately change their lives.

The Muzarabani Oil and Gas Project came on board at the advent of the New Dispensation with Invictus Energy Managing Director Scot McMillan confirming in a 2018 interview that the pro-business policies by President Emmerson Mnangagwa convinced them to invest despite having knowledge of the existence of gas and oil for the last 30 years.

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