Mixed Martial Arts comes to Zimbabwe

By ZBC Reporter

Mixed Martial Arts has been introduced in Zimbabwe, with the first trainers’ course set for the end of this month in Harare.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that infuses all forms of martial arts including boxing, karate, jujitsu and Judo to mention just a few, and has been made famous by the likes of Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagodev.

Zimbabwe already has two Mixed Martial arts (MMA) World champions in Themba Gorimbo and Sylvester Chipfumbu who compete in the Extreme Fighting Championships (EFC).

Despite having such big names, the sport is not in Zimbabwe with the two fighters having learnt and honed their skills in South Africa.

However, the Zimbabwe Boxing and Wrestling Control Board Communications Manager Sharon Dube says they are working on addressing that anomaly.

In an effort to spread the sport in all communities and inspired by the successes of Zimbabweans in Mixed Martial Arts, Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board has added Mixed Martial Arts to its product portfolio as part of the long-term strategy to develop Mixed Martial Arts Champions in Zimbabwe as well as increase opportunities for sport and recreation. The training will be hosted in partnership with Mixed Martial Arts South Africa who are our training partner. The course facilitator is Ferdi Basson a former Professional Mixed Martial Arts Champion, renowned South African   Mixed Martial Arts Coach and International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Accredited Referee.  Ferdi is the Founder of Junkyard MMA a mixed martial arts club that has produced professional and amateur mixed martial artists, kick-boxers and boxers in South Africa. He serves as an Executive Board Member for Mixed Martial Arts South Africa and has overseen competitions such as MMA African Championship and officiated over 700 MMA Amateur and Professional Matches, she said.

A mixed martial arts board has already been put in place, with competitions expected to start in January next year.

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