Namibia targets increased trade ties with Zimbabwe

By Stanley James

NAMIBIA is targeting increased trade ties with Zimbabwe through strategic partnerships with local firms in foreign currency generating sectors.

A Namibian trade delegation is in Zimbabwe to explore business opportunities as the two countries are expected to finalise more trade agreements in the next few months.

Members of the delegation are confident of fruitful engagements with local industry and government officials.

“It is all about finding each other on those aspects which we can further rebuild trade and growth opportunities taking into account further developments to be sealed in the oncoming months,” said Mbahupu Hippy Tjivikua, Walvis Bay Corridor Group Chief Executive Officer.

“Zimbabwe is our core partner on trade such that the more we can cooperate the more we are likely to reap returns that can even take us to greater heights in as far as trade and cooperation is concerned,” said Justy Moses, National Handling Services Namibia Operations Manager.

“There are ongoing infrastructure projects in Zimbabwe that we are likely to exchange ideas and learn in terms of how such projects can enhance trade and economic growth in the short to long term,” said Ambassador Balbina Pienaar Ministry of Works and Transport (Namibia) Deputy Director.

Zimbabwe Ambassador to Namibia, Mrs Rofina Chikava outlined the importance of increased bilateral ties.

“When regional countries expand trade they tend to learn more and understand the basics of cooperation that can even yield more results taking into account the need to boost Intra-Africa trade,” said Rofina Chikava (Zimbabwean Ambassador to Namibia.

Apart from assessing Zimbabwe’s business opportunities, the Namibian trade delegation is also expected to hold meetings with industrialists and government officials on possible joint venture transactions.

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