Zim moves towards being energy secure

By Davison Vandira

THE increased uptake of renewable energy sources has boosted the country’s prospect of being energy secure as the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has invited those with excess production of renewable energy to feed into the national grid.

The ambitious scheme by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company is called the Net Metering project where companies and individuals generating solar energy on their rooftops can feed excess power into the national grid-tied inverter.

The Net Metering project comes with several economic benefits accruing to the Nation at large as well as to the independent power producers and these include reduced Electricity bills for companies as they will be given credit units for feeding into the national grid and secondly saving and effective use of Foreign currency through import substitution of power.

ZETDC Commercial Services Manager highlighted that the project is going to move Zimbabwe closer to produce its own power needs sufficiently.

“The realisation that many companies have adopted solar energy and have invested heavily it means we have to be innovative and tap into the excess power generated by these entities for the benefit of the whole nation,” said Engineer Gift Ndlovu ZETDC Commercial Services Manager.

While the power utility is being innovative on ways of harnessing solar energy Government is on the other hand strengthening the country’s capacity to produce more energy by rehabilitating existing power sources like the Kariba Hydro and the Hwange thermal power stations.

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