ZIMRA tightens screws on vehicle smuggling syndicates

By ZBC Reporter

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has intensified efforts to strengthen their internal control systems after a vehicle smuggling syndicate was busted recently.

Tax revenue leakages have been a huge threat to national economic development owing to the existence of sophisticated smuggling syndicates involving importers, clearing agents and rogue Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) customs officials.

ZIMRA Acting Commissioner General Mr Rameki  Masaire confirmed the existence of such leakages after one of their officials created fictitious accounting systems which facilitated the smuggling of vehicles where revenue exceeding two million United States dollars was lost.

This was revealed after 22 top of the range vehicles belonging to car dealer Harris Auto in Harare were seized after a post audit operation.

Commissioner General Masaire pledged to root out all corrupt practices to earn the country maximum revenue.

The recent spates of vehicle smuggling which were uncovered involving our own officials and vehicle importers has made us to tighten screws on our internal control systems to reduce revenue leakages, he said.

In a separate incident, a South African registered logistics firm with a subsidiary in Zimbabwe was hit with a tax bill of about 1,2 billion United States dollars for smuggling Zimbabwe grown tobacco into South Africa.

We are working with our counterparts in South Africa the Sars who have notified that there is rampant smuggling of tobacco from Zimbabwe, he explained.

Treasury has been surpassing its revenue targets after coming up with innovate revenue generation mechanisms such as the newly introduced mobile money tax.

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