Social media outage frustrates many

By Memory Chamisa

Zimbabweans had one of their worst experiences on social media this Monday after a blackout which lasted for more than six hours, with Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram out of service.

All three services owned by American, Mark Zuckerberg could not be accessed over the web or Smartphone apps for over six hours.

Such an experience is unthinkable in the modern-day world where the majority rely on these apps for social interaction and business.

The reaction from Zimbabweans is just as enthusiastic as it is fascinating.

“This really affected us considering Whatsapp is the cheapest to communicate with,” a user said.

Another said: “I thought I had run out of data and topped up again only to discover that it was global.”

“My wife was angry at me thinking I was ignoring her yet it was beyond my control,” said another user.

“I am a model and had been to a photoshoot and failed to upload my pics for my followers that sucked,” still another commented.

For some, this was a wakeup to get into the innovation hub and come with new inventions.

“This monopoly by Zuckerberg is not good, we need new innovations what if he wakes up and shuts down all the platforms.”

Zukerberg has since issued an apology on the interruption of services, which he said was due to faulty configurations.

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