Project approvals roadmap takes shape

By Stanley James

The Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) is prioritising incentives for foreign currency generating projects as part of increasing business activities in line with the National Development Strategy One.

Allowing high foreign currency retention through increased exports, 100 percent ownership and fiscal incentives for medicinal cannabis, exploration of oil and gas, export of lithium incentives and multiple public private partnership projects are some of the incentives and achievements.

ZIDA Chief Investments and Corporate Affairs Officer Mr Tino Kambasha outlines how the incentives roadmap is being crafted.

“It is a model that is being created in line with the need to ensure Zimbabwe is a safe and viable portfolio for any projects especially those that can generate foreign currency,” Kambasha said.

The importance of the country’s participation at the Expo Dubai 2020 has also come under spotlight.

“Indeed, it is a special platform that goes beyond the need to deeper with our focus to attract the foreign exchange generating projects.”

Under the National Development Strategy One (NDS1), attracting local and external investments is critical to achieving an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

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