Exhibitions play vital role in promoting NDS1

By ZBC Reporter
Economic exhibitions such as the just ended ZITF and the impending Zimbabwe Agricultural Show play a critical role in shaping national policies towards attainment of broad economic growth.
World over, business gatherings are known to be important drivers of national economies, contributing to trade and investment outcomes, innovation, job creation and income generation.
Between 2013 and 2014 expos and exhibitions in Australia generated a total economic contribution of 23 billion United States dollars which created more than one hundred eighty thousand jobs.
Accordingly, against this background of economic power that trade exhibitions possess, local economic analysts believe the country must continue to tap into these expos for enhanced economic growth.
“The economic significance of Exhibitions cannot be overemphasised as these expos have transformed many economies around the world and its time Zimbabwe benefit as well,” said Mr Kudakwashe Mugova Economic Analyst.
“Business interactions through these exhibitions are very important particularly for Zimbabwe which is trying to shape the 2030 narrative so they must be taken seriously,” said Mr Titus Mukove, an Economist.
Zimbabwe, which is currently pursuing a robust policy on technological transfer to ramp up productivity, will immensely benefit from these trade exhibitions.

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