Return of ZITF to boost business confidence

By Yolanda Moyo

THE return of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is expected to open more business opportunities and create more synergies during Covid-19 era.

Exhibitions such as the Zimbabwe international trade fair are critical for the country’s economic growth with more business opportunities being created for local entrepreneurs.

Zimtrade Southern Region Manager, Mrs Jacqueline Nyathi says this year trade showcase is unique as it will offer prospects for business growth and expansion during the Covid-19 era.

“We have brought in some DRC buyers who are going to be engaging with some Zimbabwean suppliers and on Thursday we will have breakfast meeting where companies will be interacting with buyers hoping we grow our exports to DRC.

“With the launch of the Africa Continental Free Trade, there will a trade fair in Durban South Africa, so during the ZITF will make the business aware of the trade fair and encouraging companies to live beyond the covid-19 era and to accept that trade has to be fostered.

“ZITF will undoubtedly make us link us with many business companies present this week. We have diplomats that are out there, so we have to leverage on the diaspora community to grow Zimbabwean trade.”

ZITF CEO Dr Nicholas Ndebele says the major highlight for this year’s showcase is the business conference where Vice President Constantino Chiwenga will be the guest of honour.

“The high-level business indaba, to be hosted by the ZITF in conjunction with the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF), is a critical feature of the annual trade convention.

This year’s business conference will focus on business recovery support initiatives and guide producers on how to create export market opportunities in the digital economy
The ZITF is expected to come with endless possibilities for the business sector as the country drives towards an upper middle income economy by 2030.

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