Kamambo and his accomplices likely to face trial

By Peter Chivhima
THE State is opposing ZIFA president Felton Kamambo and his fellow board members’ application to have their fraud charges dropped.
This comes after ZIFA president Felton Kamambo and other board members Farai Jere, Philimon Machana and Briton Malandule filed a motion to invalidate fraud charges against them on the grounds that it is calculated to prejudice or embarrass them.
The application also indicated that the State had failed to furnish them with purported garnishee order which formulates the basis of their charges.
In response, the state is arguing that it would be an injustice of sorts for the trial court to conclude the matter based on mere submission of opinion by either counsel.
The state also submitted that it is not a remedy to avoid trial where one feels they have a good defense for the charge they are facing as is the case before the court.
Kamambo and his co-accused are alleged to have transferred money from ZIFA’s Nostro account into a bank account of a private company owned by one of the accused persons.
The quartet will be back in court next Wednesday.

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