Zimbabwe positioning itself to tap into the Chinese market

By ZBC Reporter

Zimbabwe is working on strengthening business ties and learning from China which boasts of being the second strongest economy on the globe.

This Monday saw Zimbabwean and Chinese stakeholders convening a virtual economic and transformation training programme.

Ranked second on the world economy, a number of countries are interested in tapping into the Chinese business model as alluded to by the Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Ambassador Nicholas Kitikiti.

China is a huge markets and therefore I’d we position ourselves to supplying the Chinese market, like what everyone else in the world is doing that can only lead to one thing , us quickly achieving the aspirations contained in our vision, he said.

Apart from eying supplying the Chinese market, the training programme which is the third to be held since its inception, serves as a platform for Zimbabwe to learn from the Asian giant.

The Chinese have a very high rank of competitiveness, it doesn’t mean ourselves we are stagnant and I think we have been upgraded by 3 points or so in the rank of doing business, so that is the aspiration so China becomes a standard which we are trying to emulate, he added.

Ambassador Kitikiti said China continues to be one of the major supporters of Zimbabwe’s development aspirations.

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