Production on upward trend at Dorowa Mine

By ZBC Reporter

Production at Dorowa Mine is surging, with the country’s sole phosphate producer eyeing to satisfy the local market and further make imprints into the region and beyond.

Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe (IDCZ) board chairperson Winston Makamure says production of phosphate and magnetite at Dorowa have been increased as the company targets to meet national requirements ahead of the next summer cropping season.

“We have increasing monthly production of magnetite and phosphates three-fold per month in the last 4 months,” said Makamure.

Chemplex Acting Chief Executive Officer James Chikwende says apart from the current expansion drive to increase production of phosphate and magnetite, plans are on course to establish multi-million-dollar fertiliser plant at the mine site.

“We want to put a fertiliser production plant at Dorowa which will produce all fertilisers. We want Dorowa to become a regional and international producer of fertilisers. The plant will be producing in access of one million tonnes of rock concentrate. Dorowa is running a project to improve the production capacity for phosphate rock concentrate from current 43% to 90% through refurbishment project for US$13m. This project will be run in three phases as follows,” he said.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza noted the positive developments will be key to reducing the country’s import bill.

“The positive developments are encouraging. It speaks to the promotion of value chains. In the next three to four years we must produce our fertiliser and not continue to import. It will also be affordable and highly accessible,” Minister Nzenza said.

Dorowa is running a project to upgrade production capacity for magnetite from the current 24 000 to over 72 000 tonnes per month in response to the export market.

Dorowa Minerals is set to conduct a geological study to the tune of three to five million United States dollars to fully ascertain the total deposits of phosphate and magnetite.

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