Young Women for Economic Development Initiative takes root

By Theophilus Chuma

A young female entrepreneur who is into agro-processing is redefining the participation of new entrants on the export sector through distinctive dried local fruit products.

Dried fruits are on demand and the local business community is responding to meet the growing demand.

One of the success stories of the local initiative led by young women for economic empowerment, twenty seven year old Forget Chareka, is convinced that the project is one of the avenues where women can optimise production and enhance incomes.

“Agro-processing is a low hanging fruit for every business person but I think for women it gives leverage to projects which are easy to take off. These are areas which we as young women can ride on and enhance our presence within the agro-processing sector,” Chareka said.

The Young Women for Economic Development Initiative is expected to catapult at least 1.5 million women into various business ventures across the country boosted by support from the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Young Women For Economic Development Chairperson, Honourable Tatenda Mavetera said: “We want to thank the First Lady for the support she has given us for this project to take off. The First Lady has been instrumental in promoting traditional foods and this is what motivates us to venture into such business spheres.”

Other young women attest that agro-processing is opening abundant opportunities for them.

A young lady beneficiary of the programme, Lucy Dube said: “This is the way to go. Dried fruits are being appreciated on the international market and this is what we need to look at as young women venturing into business.”

“We have teamed up with Zim trade to assist women with exports and the opportunity indeed is massive for local female entrepreneurs,”Young Women For Economic Development Agricultural Advisor, Memory Chakwita said.

Amid growing focus on women economic empowerment, there are a number of supportive projects such as access to funding through Empower bank and other partners.

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