Shaya’s name will live beyond his years: Dembare

Dynamos Football Club has joined the whole nation in mourning the passing on of sporting legend George “Mastermind” Shaya.

In a statement, the club said: “The greatest Zimbabwean player of all time illuminated football fans from 1968 up to the time of his retirement in the late 70s. George Shaya was in a class of his own and his contribution to football in particular and sport in general is incomparable. A true football magician who dazzled past his opponents in both club and national colours, making football look easy to play.

“The best of them all, Shaya was a football giant whose humility, genius, artistry and sport excellence won him adulation and hero status from both his colleagues at Dynamos and the opponents. A player who never ran short of football trickery, the “Mastermind” was like a choir master who would hypnotise both the choir and the audience with his football finesse.”

The statement added: “The five-time Soccer Star of the Year set the bar of football achievements so high that the record he set has not been breached to date. He came tops in 1969, 1972, 1975, 1976 and 1977. He came tops from the list of football stars from Mhangura, Highlanders, Zimbabwe Saints, Wankie, Rio Tinto, Gwelo United to mention but a few.

“Upon retirement, Shaya assumed leadership roles at Dynamos and was Chairman when we reached the Champions League final in 1998. Shaya was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Sports and Recreation Commission and remained a popular sport luminary up to his last day.” 

Dynamos said Shaya’s name will live beyond his years and his contribution will continue to be spoken about because of his talent.

“A hero, an entertainer and a legend. A poster boy for Zimbabwe sports excellence.”

“May his family take solace from the fact that he was given by the Lord to Zimbabwe, that he ran a trailblazing race, that he continues to be regarded as the greatest of all time and that his achievements will be spoken of long after he is gone.” 

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