Mashaya receives his bronze medal

By Sport Reporter
BLACK Belt self-defence expert Wilfred Mashaya has received his tenth bronze medal for martial arts weapons, Kobudo, after competing in the A Class virtual International Tournament.
Wilfred Mashaya is all smiles as he finally received his bronze medal from Mediterranean Karate Alliance of Malta this Saturday. He won the medal in March after he competed in the Martial arts weapons A Class International Tournament.
The medal was accompanied by a Certificate of appreciation from India Month Virtual Karate and Kobudo International Competition.
Mashaya says he will continue working hard to raise the nation’s flag high.
“I feel very much happy to have achieved to have won this bronze medal for our nation in Zimbabwe during this Covid 19 pandemic. Many countries have actually embraced the idea of virtual competitions so as Zimbabwe we said we should not be left out. We have managed to compete with the rest of the world in this martial arts Kobudo which mainly focused on the martial arts weapons,” said Mashaya.
The tournament was tough and competitive as it was meant for high grades namely Brown and Black Belts only around the World.
Despite lack of resources and funds, Zim Ninja Academy, powered by Mashaya managed to overcome obstacles to fly the nation’s flag high.
The Academy is doing well with minimum funding from the Director’s pocket and has introduced a fairly new discipline in the Martial Arts Weapons, Kobudo which is set to bring excitement to the dueling feats.

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