Monetary policy in sync with treasury: Economic Analysts

By Business Editor
THE business community has commended the monetary policy review measures for complementing treasury in consolidating the current stability.
Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries chairman for banking and economics, Mr Jimmy Pscillos reveals the impact of the monetary policy review on economic growth.
“There is that feeling or testimony that the central bank is also focusing on repaying those owed at the auction, indeed it is something acceptable and pointing to more stability,” he said.
Economic analyst Mr. Makanaka Shambare outlines the importance of an aligned economic policy system.
“The monetary policy review is in tandem with the fiscal policy measures and it means sustained growth because there is that perception of certainty in the overall economic performance,” he said.
The private sector is being called upon to play its part on economic recovery.
“It is within our thrust to focus more on economic growth with us as industry being the key players in going ahead with the narrative,” he added.
The monetary and fiscal policies had slight policy shifts, focusing on inflation reduction, common vision on growth targets, increased production and financial discipline, among other takeaways.

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