Blanket Mine expects increase in gold output next year

By ZBC Reporter
BLANKET Mine’s contribution to the national gold output is expected to surge by an additional 20 000 ounces next year according to a forecast presented by the mining firm.
An increase in gold production at Blanket Mine, one of the country’s largest gold producers, spells good news for the country’s mining industry as the goldminer expects a surge in output next year.
According to forecast presented by parent firm, Caledonia Mining Corporation during a podcast interview with Chief Executive officer Mr Steve Curtis, the expected rally in output is anchored on improved efficiency resulting from the commissioning of the central mine shaft early this year.
“We are currently looking at some brownfield which we hope to utilise in the future. We are really determined to become the largest group producer in Zimbabwe. We are looking to expand the productive output to 80 000 ounces by next year and we are very optimistic of achieving this target,” said Mr Curtis.
The miner has also outlined the massive potential of the country’s gold mining industry after posting record output of approximately 16 thousand 710 ounces for the quarter ending June 2021 as compared to about 13,500 ounces produced in the corresponding quarter last year.

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