Gvt allays fears of major disruption to mining exports

By Owen Mandovha

THE Government has allayed fears that disruption of South Africa’s transport network will impact on the country’s mining exports which use the Durban port to reach overseas markets.

Rioters and looters in South Africa have also targeted that country’s established supply value chain and transport network, causing major disruptions in the distribution of key raw materials and export goods.

The Durban port in Kwazulu Natal, the hotbed of the violence in the past week, is largely relied upon by local mining exporters to access overseas markets and the Zimbabwean government does not in the meantime anticipate any major disruptions to scheduled exports.

“We do not expect to see any huge impact on terms of what was scheduled to be exported to our clients overseas,” said the Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, honourable Polite Kambamura.

The platinum group of minerals concentrates from Zimbabwe are largely processed in South African refineries and these have not been affected by the unrest.

The latest figures show that a lot of infrastructure has been damaged by rioters over the past week in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal province, where the disturbances have been largely concentrated.

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