Call to strengthen local content amplified

By Davison Vandira

Local content enthusiasts have called on domestic manufacturers to scale up their efforts as events unfolding in South Africa may distract supply chains to the detriment of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery efforts.

The two economies have a strong correlation which is best described by economists as the contagion effect where economic disruptions in South Africa will have a negative ripple effect to the Zimbabwean economy.

It is against this background that local content strategists have advised the manufacturing sector to provide at least 80 percent of Zimbabwe’s requirements.

Buy Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Munyaradzi Hwengwere said, “The potential disruptions of supply chains should be taken as a wake up call to manufacturers to cease the opportunity to enhance their production capacities.”

“We do not condone what is happening in SA as they are a key trading bloc for our country. However, it should be noted that over reliance on foreign imports will affect the country’s steps towards its economic targets, hence, it is imperative for the country to improve its production levels,” said the President of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, Denford Mutashu.

Economists are of the view that enhancing domestic productivity will strengthen the economy’s recovery rate.

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