Chirumhanzu carbon steel plant gets buy-in

By Tafara Chikumira

A multi-million carbon steel project in Chirumanzu has received the necessary buy-in from the local community, amid optimism that it will transform livelihoods.

The project, fronted by Tshingchan Holdings Group, feeds into the country’s economic blueprint blue print, the National Development Strategy One.

The traditional leadership is optimistic that local communities will be transformed for the better once the project comes to fruition.

“We have always had problems with investors coming to invest in communities without our involvement as the local leadership. We are happy that our Chinese friends have sort our input over the project they intend to construct.

“It is our hope that locals directly benefit from this initiative. We believe that we are going to deal with issues of employment and all other business opportunities to be accrued from the project,” Chief Musarurwa said.

Government says the investors will get the necessary support in line with the Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra.

Senator Larry Mavhima, the Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, said the coming in of the project is history in the making.

“Vision 2030 is possible if we engage in such programmes. The investors are coming on board with value addition which is critical for any nation to develop. This will help us in growing our GDP as a province. We look forward to more such investments as a province. Devolution is taking shape in this province through such developments,” he said.

Over 2000 jobs are expected to be created with the project being run by Zhejiang Dinson Holdings, a subsidiary of Tshingchan Group.

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