Black owned farms make inroads into export markets

By ZBC Reporter

Zimbabwe’s horticulture exports continue to grow with the aid of Zimtrade which is helping local farms to access foreign markets.

Access to foreign horticultural markets is usually a toll order and more-so for black owned farms as attaining certification comes with a long list of export standards requirements.

However with the Second Republic’s adoption of the Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra, Zimtrade’s best farm model concept is helping local farmers with research to meet global standards.

The best model farm concept involves identifying farms with the capacity to supply foreign markets with globally acceptable fresh produce. The idea is to rope in other out growers to adopt similar standards in order to increase our export earnings. Lingfield farm has made significant strides as a black owned farm to impress foreign buyers ,said Similo Nkala,-Zimtrade Operations Director Operations Director.

Zimtrade’s best farm model concept has had a major transformative impact at Lingfield farm with more diversification into citrus and garlic production.

Zimtrade has made a significant impact on our operations in terms of capacity building and we owe our success to their interventions.

The family owned Lingfield has become a model farm with Zimtrade aiming to build capacity of other out growers to increase the country’s horticultural earnings.

Last year Zimbabwe recorded an increase in merchandise exports to new markets thanks to Zimtrade’s export development strategies which dovetails with the National Development Strategy one policy blueprint.

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