DUBAI 2020 EXPO: Govt urges private sector to take part

PARTICIPATION of the private sector in the DUBAI 2020 EXPO has been cited as key with government urging companies to consider the benefits of the exhibition.
As the DUBAI EXPO set for October this year draws closer, the private sector has been called on to consider the benefits that come with exhibiting on such platforms.
This Tuesday, permanent secretaries from various ministries and players in the private sector met to discuss Zimbabwe’s participation at the EXPO.
“The expo will give you an opportunity to showcase your companies. Access to renowned investors. We hope with our engagement some companies will come forward and want to be recognized as key sponsors. We believe it will be a learning place if we go there prepared,” said Ambassador Mary Mubi, Zimbabwe’s Commissioner General for DUBAI EXPO.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Permanent Secretary, Ambassador James Manzou says the private sector should consider how they can market the country through their exhibits.
“This is an important event for us, my question to you as companies is what can you do for your country, before your company,” said Ambassador James Manzou, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

An inter-ministerial committee is expected to be set up to facilitate the country’s participation at the EXPO.
According to Ambassador Mubi, the country’s pavillion in DUBAI is nearing completion.

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