Sound macro-economic policies tame inflation

By ZBC Reporter
THE Persistent slowing down of year on year inflation from an alarming high of 838 percent in July last year to the latest figure of 161 percent is a clear testimony of how sound macroeconomic policies have put the Zimbabwean economy back on track.
The encouraging downfall of inflation from July last to May this year has been characterised by a massive shedding of 676 percent towards the envisaged single digit inflation by the end of the year.
The significant taming of inflation has been attributed to well thought out policies which the new dispensation has been implementing to turn around the economy starting with the Transitional Stabilization Programme that brought economic stability.
The firm foundation is now being strengthened by the National development Strategy one which seeks to improve productivity.
Financial prudence has been the hallmark of the second republic where fiscal and monetary policies have been speaking to each other for the common good of the economy.
Inflation is expected to continue slowing down this year on account of a successful agricultural season which has seen the country’s raw material import bill going down as the local agricultural production has filled the gap.

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